? Congrats to winners Mark & Ella Whaley with 49 points ?
2nd place went to Lisa Cook & Ethan Shields with 46 points, Ethan also won the nearest the pin prize ??
3rd Jamie & Ralfie Farnsworth with 44 points
4th Jenna Leigh Ward & Andrew Graham 44 points
5th Joseph & Jonathan Bartram 44 points
6th Debbie Knox & Drew Simpson 43 points
7th Amelia Hogg & James Hogg 43 points
8th Karen Jones & Madeleine Smith 42 points
9th Euan Burridge & Keith Aiton 40 points
10th Tanya Wainwright & Charlie Inger 37 points
11th Jason & Jay-Junior Middleton 37 points
12th Matthew & Linda Jean Edwards 37 points
13th Gary Deller & Cory Townsend 36 points
14th Simon & Lexi Williams-Green 34 points
15th Colin Jay & Kobe Palmer 34 points
16th Ava & Simon Waplington 32 points

A fantastic day of great golf & sunshine ☀️ thanks to Lady Captain Christine Green & Vice Captain Debbie for presenting the prizes, to Gordon for the fab photos ? and to our friends at our Fruit farm for the tasty juice #theextraordinaryjohnstarkeyfruit

This is a fairly new event for us at Norwood and we look forward to seeing it grow again next year ⛳️??